Our Appointment System




How to Make an Appointment

To request an appointment please contact us online via our online platform, eConsult. Online requests will usually be triaged by a GP on the same day they are submitted. However, sometimes they may be triaged the next working day. Where necessary an appointment will be made with the most appropriate member of the team. The GP triaging your request will determine the timing of your appointment based on the information you provide.

On occasion, eConsult may ask you to speak to the practice. If this is the case, please call the practice on 020 7288 9320 to speak with a member of the reception team.

For patients who do not have access to the internet or the ability to complete an online request, the reception team will be able to assist you with your request for an appointment.

eConsult is also used to submit requests for:

  • Administrative tasks such as sick notes
  • Chronic disease reviews (such as asthma, diabetes, COPD, high blood pressure)
  • Contraceptive pill reviews 
  • Medication reviews
  • Self-help advice and information